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Looking for a website that expresses your business image?

Hedgehog Creations creates solutions that incorporate your business image, branding and atmosphere.

“I have several ideas for multiple websites and I want Hedgehog Creations to design them all"
Diana Mcleod
Perth, Central Scotland


Below is a selection of web design projects we've been working since 1996.

We have always been very eager to get the maximum result in little time and we like to combine technology with creativity. Our current project is about Cradle to Cradle design.

web design neil dorward web design josine de boer web development bespoke civil ceremonies
web design myspiritualprofile web design burnbank web development cam-media
web development optimavorm web design cradle-to-cradle web design basset
web design langtoon web design catering and hospitality web design chefscommunity
web development amersfoort web design leiderschapsforum web design cac
web design de trappenberg web design unit web design pno
web design subsidies.nl web design picnic web design vestzak

More Projects we have been involed with in the past years.

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